Re: Never Kill A Boy On the First Date

This is arguably my least-favorite episode of S1, and I’m not even sure why. It’s always been very forgettable for me. I could summarize its main points and as I’m watching it I remember stuff, but I don’t recall the details as easy as most of the other eps. In fact, according to Netflix, I have re-watched every episode of S1 at some point except this one. 😛

Anyway. I couldn’t help but smile at the opening scene. The Giles we see here is very different from the Giles we’ll see in later seasons, who pretty much trusts Buffy to do her own thing during patrol. Here, he reminds me heavily of S3’s Gwendolyn Post or Wesley and it reminds me how much Giles grows and changes over the course of the show.

Oh, the vampire makeup. PLEASE GET BETTER FASTER.

We also meet Owen, who just looks like he would be obsessed with Emily Dickinson.

And also that he would creepily refer to her as "my Emily" and say things like "I like having her around." OKAY, CREEPONERD.

This is the beginning of Buffy-getting-crushes-on-either-really-dangerous-guys-or-horrifically-and-totally-boring-guys. (Owen is the latter, obviously.)

I was also highly distracted by the clothing/hair choices in this episode, and since I feel that B doesn’t pick on the male 90’s fashion enough, WHAT IS THIS:

You are not Ricky Martin, Xander, stop it.

Anyway, I noticed during this watch that as arrogant and rude as Cordelia is written to be, she’s actually incredibly insecure. I think she feels very threatened by Buffy, despite how much she belittles her.

Oh, Cordelia. Why.

This pretty, friendly, fashionable (HA!) girl from LA comes to town, literally kicks ass, and Cordy’s feeling insecure about all of it. In any other circumstance, it wouldn’t make sense for her to go after Owen who is a recluse, a bit of a geek, and certainly not Cordy’s typical jock football-player type. I really think she tries to attract Owen (and later Angel…although that’s more understandable, at least) solely because they show interest in Buffy. Maybe I am picking this up because I know that Cordelia really isn’t  as shallow as she seems, but I have a feeling this insecurity is there on purpose. Also, I want to post another picture of Cordelia’s crimped hair. It needs multiple views, trust me.

And oh yes, Daddy Giles, I do love you. This episode is the first time we see Daddy Giles in his true form, and also how much he is willing to sacrifice for the world, and, ultimately, for Buffy’s safety and happiness. I think this is the REAL beginning of understanding, trust, and friendship between the two of them and it’s beautiful and I want it forever.


Willow: Buffy has a REALLY important date.
Buffy: Owen!
Giles: All right. I’ll just hop in my time machine, go back to the twelfth century and askthe vampires to postpone their ancient prophecy for a few days while you take in dinner and a show.

Can I please own an “I’m a Slayer! Ask me how” button?!?

I am always the person that the crazy sin-and-damnation person starts ranting to on public transportation. It feels that way, anyway!

“Changing outfits with Xander Harris in the room” is officially going on my list of Things I Will Never, Ever, Ever Do.

B: From what I understand, Watchers aren’t tied to their destiny the same way that Slayers are. I tend to look at it sort of like a monarchy? Genealogy determines who becomes a Watcher and it’s a “calling” so to speak but it’s very much related to who your parents are. You don’t *have* to become a Watcher (of course, a Slayer doesn’t technically NEED to be a Slayer, either!) but, like the Slayer, there’s an incredible amount of pressure to.


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6 thoughts on “Re: Never Kill A Boy On the First Date

  1. awakeanddreamingone says:

    see I really like this episode. Definitely better than the one preceding this one. I was NOT a fan of the crazy mantis teacher lady.

    Owen is a rather strange character, and I find it interesting that everyone is so attracted to him, although definitely, probably Cordelia only because she wants to get him from Buffy, although I do find it interesting that Cordelia cares about Buffy that much at all. Seems to me in a big high school, it’s be easy to forget about Buffy pretty quickly. If this show ran today I’m pretty sure we’d all just shout HE’S GAY. I mean, the guy is reading Emily Dickinson and carrying it around like a security blanket…. I can’t help but wonder why Buffy is interested in him at all, just the looks? I mean, it’s not like he’s popular, but he’s almost made out to be… maybe just the right person at the right time/place kind of thing?

    What I like about this episode is that I really think it pushes the character development of Buffy. Although she’ll make the same mistake again in the not too far future, she discovers what happens when she goes off without her watcher and her friends, bad things. I love Giles hiding spot, but really, why didn’t the vampires check there? I would have done that….

    I also find it interesting just how willing Willow and Xander are to jump into crazy stuff, like following Buffy into a funeral home at night and then hiding, without her… love the vampire rising thing though.

    I wonder if Owen has any conceptual idea of what actually happened that night. He admits he liked the danger, but does he know about the vampires and such? Or does he still think it’s all about humanity. It makes me sad to see Buffy hurt because he just wants to be with her for the adrenalin, she wants him to see past that, but I think part of this is that she has definitely not fully integrated into her role as slayer.

    And that, is A LOT of writing about this episode….

    • joellejots says:

      Re: Owen. I don’t think he knew about the vampires. They managed to keep that part hidden. He knew some crazy guy was after them, and honestly given his love for danger, he probably didn’t question it too much.

  2. peniscolony says:

    This episode is, like, the pho of Buffy episodes for me. I always enjoy it when it’s on, but I never feel a particular urge to watch it.

  3. I think it’s a little bizarre that he liked the danger, tbh. I mean, his obsession with Emily Dickinson wouldn’t really lead me to believe that. Plus, how did he know he almost got killed?
    Also, dammit, he TOTALLY had a concussion and they definitely should have taken him to the hospital, not home. 😛

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