Re: The Puppet Show

I am also unnerved by dolls/dummies. True story: as a child I was convinced that my toys came to life while I was asleep. Not in a cool Toy Story way, in an evil, “let’s plot against the little girl who imprisons us” way. I had a few porcelain dolls, they lived on top of my bookshelf, and their faces freaked me out so much I would often turn them around to face the wall. I once put a Sailor Moon doll in the trash because its huge, unblinking eyes bore into me and gave me nightmares. I did the same to a Jasmine doll I had, but felt so guilty because someone had given that doll to me and because Jasmine trusted me to take care of her that I ended up digging it out of the trash 20 minutes later. That is basically all you need to know about what kind of child I was. ANYWAY, the point is, this episode is fairly freaky for the aforementioned reason (unblinking. eyes. living. doll.) but B did a good job of summarizing and there’s not a whole lot going on here, so I’m going to use this review to talk about the Sunnydale police force.

Oh, the men and women who protect and serve the great and mighty town of Sunnydale…….couldn’t be dumber if they tried.

Sunnydale police chief's most valuable informant: the highschool librarian.

“Sure, Mr. Librarian, of course you can come beyond the yellow crime scene tape and ask questions. We’ll let you know what’s going on in our investigation, including intimate details about the murder weapon and the state of the deceased body. And, of course, we won’t find any of this suspicious enough to warrant an investigation on you.”

“Don’t close the school or send anybody home. There’s probably a murderer nearby, prowling the halls, preying on students, but whatever! Let the students mill around the crime scene, too, scattering evidence and erasing fingerprints.”

(They do seem to leave bodies out in the open on Sunnydale’s campus on more than one occasion.)

Wouldn't want all that pesky evidence making this shiny knife less shiny!

“Let’s just wipe all the blood and yucky stuff off this knife before putting it in this ziploc bag Jimmy brought his sandwich in today. No need for evidence bags! Or evidence.”

“Another student dead, with another missing organ (thereby suggesting a serial killer of some kind)? No problem. Don’t close the school, don’t even call off the talent show. Life goes on, after all!”

“A student is missing. Meanwhile, some students decapitated a human-looking thing (albeit a rather scaly one) during the talent show on the same day said student was last seen. Oh well.”

"Umm...shouldn't the police be asking me these ques--no? Oh, okay."

One more thing….the Scoobies decide early on that the murderer is a human (based on the shoddy knife clue B mentioned). So….why didn’t they, then, tell the police what they suspected? I know that involving the police in a supernatural case would be futile, but they didn’t believe this was supernatural. They also don’t seem to notice how doltish the policemen of Sunnydale are. It just doesn’t make sense for them to handle this investigation on their own.

Don't speak ill of this outfit. This is my favorite Buffy outfit. I would wear the shit out of this outfit.

Random thoughts:

  • The fact that Buffy faces unspeakable evil unflinchingly every other day but almost pees her pants and seeks help from her mom when she thinks there’s a doll creeping around her room is precious to me forever.
  • I love love love love the scene during the ending credits. Nobody can take Buffy, Xander, and Willow’s bad-acting away from me.
  • Principal Snyder! ❤
  • The dummy is perverted and this just makes me sad.

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My name is Joelle. I'm a freelance writer/editor based out of Nashville, TN. I enjoy coffee, getting lost in books, old lady names, and dogs. All the dogs.

4 thoughts on “Re: The Puppet Show

  1. I adore the Sunnydale police. These batshit insane, totally inept people. I’m going to try to keep more of an eye out for them (or more likely their absence) as the show progresses.

    Your caption for the picture of Giles made me giggle like a crazy person. 😛

  2. boorf says:

    Hah! You were a cute tiny Joelle :(. I once buried a doll because it was creepy and I felt sooooo guilty for ages. I think I had, like, super nightmares about it for awhile. I kind of feel bad now thinking about it

  3. Man, I had a very active imagination but I do not remember ever being afraid of my toys. I mean, I think I only had one or two dolls and I was not especially interested in them so maybe that was why? I don’t know. But you were such adorable tiny people.

  4. joellejots says:

    Yeah, dude, I still feel totally guilty about the Sailor Moon doll. I had issues with my toys.

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