Season 1 overview, Part 2 :P

Well, I would disagree slightly with B and say SEASON FOUR IS THE WORST SEASON. (Which, you know, we’ll get to. It’s weird because I don’t hate that season’s episodes individually, but the overall arch and RILEY FINN turn me into a near-unrecognizable rage monsters most of the time.)  Anyway, yeah, Season One is….not the best.

But the thing is, when you love a show like Buffy, seasons like the first one just become so damned endearing and precious.  Like, this season just makes me happy. Blissfully, wholly happy. There is little strife (Joss hasn’t gotten into full swing here yet to make us totally miserable), the only deaths are people we don’t care about, and c’mon. The actors at this age are so freaking ca-yoot.

List of entirely random thoughts relating to Season 1:

  • The OUTFITS. Ahhh.
  • I really love the Monster-of-the-Week theme S1’s got going on. I totally get why this couldn’t be sustained throughout the entire series, and I’m glad of that (probably would have gotten dull), but still, I do love it. S2 follows this pattern a bit too and S2 is one of my favorite seasons.
  • Straight from the beginning, the show’s strong point is its dialogue. The characters aren’t very complex yet, their problems are pretty black-and-white, but then they open their mouths and say really beautiful things that make me cry.
  • Knowing how far these characters come makes re-watching S1 a real treat, every time.

And here’s a photo to sum up this season and how happy it makes me.

HOW 90’S IS THIS?!?!


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One thought on “Season 1 overview, Part 2 :P

  1. Awwww. Look at them.
    And dude, season 4 definitely has it’s flaws but it has a ton of really awesome stuff too. Of course, I don’t hate Riley like you do so I expect that makes a difference. 😛

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