Season 1 Overview

I doubt you will find many people who will argue that season one isn’t the worst season of Buffy. There’s no question that the show takes time to find it’s footing and many of the episodes are more camp than heart. Most of the monsters are even more ridiculous looking than future ones will be, the acting is extremely hit and miss, there are a lot of loose ends and plot holes. The fight choreography is abysmal and the dustings look oddly as if the vampires are turning into moss spores. All these things are very true.

However, as has probably come through in the last 12 entries, I still love this season. It’s sweet and innocent and naive and it’ll all go into darker and darker territory as things go on. I felt like I grew up with Buffy (although less so than Joelle, who was practically an infant during this time) and this was perhaps her more childish phase. It’s just sort-of charming and adorable to look back on.

Probably Joelle will do a better job with an overview. I feel like this one is a bit lacking but TOO BAD. 😛


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