We’re back! Isn’t that so exciting? I’m so excited, folks, I can’t even tell you.

So it’s been so long and as Joelle said we will definitely need to update our about us section. Things did just get in the way and man, a lot has changed. I suppose more has changed with me than with her maybe? Who’s to say? While when we started this blog, we had a lot of conflicting political and religious opinions, I would say that now it is fair to say we probably have… less of those. But I don’t think that will make things less interesting, because it’s not exactly like we are lock-step in everything, just that my life has changed pretty dramatically.

What has happened with me? Oh goodness, folks, it’s a long story. Such a long story and unfit for this format. If you really want to look back through it in a lot of depth, I run another blog at allthestoriesaretrue.wordpress.com and you can totally check that out. But the short version is that I quit my job and went to college and found a brand new worldview on any number of topics, including faith and relationships and politics. Not really in that order. It wasn’t like I went to college and was like NEW THOUGHTS. It was a process. A whole, crazy process that started before and is still continuing but the important thing is that I’m extremely happy.

I am currently finishing up my junior year of undergrad, with hopeful plans to head off to graduate school in a little over a year. I hope to be a therapist. It will all be very exciting. And for some reason I thought to myself (and then messaged Joelle to tell her as much) that I really missed this blog and maybe I just didn’t have enough going on with all the homework I had and my own regular blog entries and people and so on. Maybe I needed more.

So here we are. I hope you’ll come back and join with us on this. We are super excited to revisit this whole project. My first entry should be going up either tonight or tomorrow so stay tuned!



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