RE: Halloween

Okay, I am going to start right out by saying that I feel like Joelle and I clearly seem to have like differing levels of love for Ethan Rayne. Because I could basically write this entire entry about just how much I love Ethan Rayne. I have had a crush on Ethan since I was a wee thing (by which I mean like 16) and if I was a shipper, I would be all about Giles/Ethan, because that is super sexy. Okay. I will stop talking about Ethan for a minute. But only for a minute.

And yet all of the pictures of this beautiful man are SO DARK! WHY DO YOU HATE ME, SCREENCAPPING SITE?

And yet all of the pictures of this beautiful man are SO DARK! WHY DO YOU HATE ME, SCREENCAPPING SITE?

I do not know how I feel about Spike getting film of Buffy. I’ve been thinking about it the entire episode and trying to decide how I feel about it. Like I agree that in future we typically see him as much more impulsive and talking about being driven by blood and such. We see that played up a lot more when it becomes the Angelus/Spike/Dru triangle. I also feel like what he gets out of it is weird. Like would other Slayers not use the very obvious pointy wooden object as a stake? Surely other Slayers have ALSO been that smart. I don’t know. That is my conclusion. Maybe they’re still trying to figure out the character.

Halloween 2

Seriously, she’s so pretty. Just saying.

I always had a really hard time when I was younger taking Buffy’s insecurity when she comes to meet Angel seriously. It is not so hard for me now, but I do wish a little that they had not had her looking quite so beautiful. Like SMG is just really gorgeous at this point in the show (she is always gorgeous but I am really into her look here) and particularly in my late teen years, it was a little hard to take seriously that she was having these struggles. Even though I knew that was not the point. But you know. Having Buffy feel bad that the noblewoman had a tiny waist, WHEN BUFFY IS THE TINIEST PERSON AROUND. Okay. I’m done now. I realize insecurity is not tied to reality, this was just a real problem I always had growing up that actually added to my own insecurities at that time.

SO. Moving on from that. 😛 I do in general like the insecurities theme. I will not say a lot else about it but will deconstruct the costumes a little more when we get there.

So about taking kids trick-or-treating. Have things changed since the far off days of the 90’s? Because like… you can’t just take children without having background checks. Also, why would you WANT your troublemaker kids to take young children without supervision? I mean, obviously we know that Buffy is a good person, who is actually pretty good with kids from all appearances, but why would any parent trust their children to this program? This sounds like a TERRIBLE program.

I would also like to talk about how much male fashion has changed, while looking at

Seriously. Look at the shirt. And the pants. They're like... hanging off of him.

Seriously. Look at the shirt. And the pants. They’re like… hanging off of him.

Xander’s clothes. I live in a town where almost every man I see wears pants that would be far too small for me, so seeing Xander in clothes that appear to be like 2 sizes too big really amuses me. I mean, I remember when it was a thing. But it’s still funny. Also as a note, Xander’s line about “doing something damn manly” really feels like a precursor to Mal further down the line. It just sounds like something Mal would say.

The concept of going to read the Watcher diaries seems very silly to me. It’s a very high school, ill-conceived plan. Why would they assume that the Watcher diaries would have anything in them about Angel as a not vampire? Do they want to read about Angelus’ taste in women? Or like anything about Angelus because that doesn’t seem helpful. I realize that in fact there is a random drawing of a woman in the Angel entries (maybe the watcher was bored…?) but I don’t see any solid reason why that would have been the case.

Also poor Giles. Being so easily distracted. Giles you are totally a babe.

“Care bear with fangs” is one of my favorite Cordy lines ever. Why is she hanging out in the school after hours anyway? And if it is not after hours, why are they the only ones in the bathroom? Mysteries.

Why do they look so CALM? LOOK AT THIS MAN! *dies*

Why do they look so CALM? LOOK AT THIS MAN! *dies*

They all go to buy costumes, and Xander makes an Austin Powers joke. This is extraordinarily dated and I just would like to pretend that didn’t happen. But not so much that I can actually do that. I mean, I would like to say bad call but a teenage boy at this point would absolutely have made this joke so whatever. And then we have Ethan. *cartoon hearts fly everywhere* They all seem immune to his charms somehow.

I must take note of the Spike and Dru interchange only because it ALSO has one of my favorite bits of dialogue —

“Do you love my insides? The parts you can’t see?”
“Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet.”

If you want one of my most often quoted Buffy lines? That is absolutely it right there. Love early Dru SO MUCH.

Then back to Ethan BEING AMAZING. I love his crazy ass Chaos worshiping self. It’s such a perfect combination of ridiculous and over the top… it’s just like perfect. He’s so beautiful. I just love it.

Seriously, if I could, this whole review would be nothing but pictures of Ethan.

Seriously, if I could, this whole review would be nothing but pictures of Ethan.

I am not with Joelle on Willow’s costume either. I still think it’s kind-of hot. I mean, it is very 90’s but I was a child of the 90’s so maybe some things stuck. I dig it. But I would very much like to know what exactly she would have turned into if she had not put the ghost costume on.

I would like to know why parents in Sunnydale don’t take their own children trick-or-treating. Or why they ever let them out of their sight, honestly. Like nothing good will ever come of it.

I just really like Willow's face in this picture.

I just really like Willow’s face in this picture.

Okay. Onto the costumes. I agree that Buffy’s dialogue is super stilted and weird but here is my general theory, which I think is kind-of backed up by Ethan’s explanation of what happened? I don’t think that they actually turned into those things, exactly. I think they turned into more what they wished they were of those things. So like I don’t think that Buffy turned into a real girl from 1775, I think she turned into what her idea of that would be. This would certainly explain lines like “I bathe quite regularly!” which was definitely not true for anyone in 1775. Buffy wants to be a normal girl, but by mooning over the noblewoman, she’s actually wishing for something deeper and darker than that — she’s wishing to be helpless and dependent, to not have to worry about anyone else anymore, to be free of this responsibility. Ethan takes some of the darkest elements of what she’s wishing for and makes it real. It’s a theme we’ll see a lot with Buffy and it’s not the last time we’ll see it kick her in the ass.

I don’t know if this theory totally holds across the board. It is a little harder to explain Xander this way, at least it is if you assume that it is always the darkest side of “be

Did the Scoobies have a professional photo taken...?

Did the Scoobies have a professional photo taken…?

careful what you wish for.” As Joelle said, Xander is not bad here. He’s in control and on top of things, his masculinity is in fact much more healthy here than it is… possibly ever again in the show. It may rely more on a gun, but it is more secure. And Willow… is kind-of a mess with this theory. I would like to point out the extremely dark side of Larry turning into a pirate who is attempting to assault Buffy though. Just saying. There’s a lot of dark there, and I do think that it’s interesting.

I mean, whatever. I don’t have a lot to say about the rest of the episode. I will say that as a kid I was extremely attracted to Giles going all dark Giles and beating up on Ethan. Super into that. I would put a picture of it up, but… they are all very dark. Why was this episode so dark?

Mostly I want to know what exactly they told all those parents when their kids FINALLY got back to them.


4 thoughts on “RE: Halloween

  1. Joelle says:

    1. I do love Ethan Rayne! But I have to say, I have never once thought he was hot. So that’s a thing. I think this is probably due to the fact that I was VERY young when I was introduced to Ethan. It was only until extremely recently that I view Giles as hot in certain scenes though, so maybe I’m just not into older men. Huh.
    2. The whole “they turn into what they wished they were” of their costumes does get hazier with Xander, though. Like, he gained ACTUAL MILITARY KNOWLEDGE that lasted for seasons based on this episode. So, like, does he actually and literally want to be in the army? It seems like if what he wanted was to be capable and manly, actual tactical and procedural knowledge should have no place there. Especially since Buffy wanted to be dependent and taken care of, in many ways, but seemed to gain no actual knowledge of what that means in an 18th-century context. I DON’T KNOW. Chaos’ magic is weird.

    • Yeah, I wondered if it had to do with age. I was 16 or something when I started watching Buffy and I think I started feeling like Giles was hot PRETTY young. Maybe not immediately but really soon. Same with Ethan. So yeah. Maybe it would have been different if I hadn’t been like right in the middle of adolescence. 😛
      Also yes. Chaos magic IS weird. I really don’t think my logic works outside of Buffy but I kind-of like the idea of it WITH Buffy so I just decided to throw it out there and see if anyone had any other thoughts. I mean, maybe what Xander most wanted was to be competent and in charge and this was just how the chaos magic defined that?

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