re: Bad Eggs

Hello, people!

Can I say this was a giant mirror that she saw his non-reflection in? And that a lot of other people were here? Seems bizarrely sloppy.

Can I say this was a giant mirror that she saw his non-reflection in? And that a lot of other people were here? Seems bizarrely sloppy.

So as far as the practicalities of this episode go, I feel like Joelle has gone over it pretty well. I may mention one or two things but for the most part what I want to do is defend Joyce. Because I love Joyce. This is definitely one of the areas where Joelle and I most diverge and I completely disagree with almost everything she said, so I am going to stand up for her here. Because I actually feel that her reactions, while far from perfect, where extremely understandable.

Starting with the mall thing! I will agree that I cannot imagine what outfit Buffy wanted to buy that was more revealing than what she wears to school on a regular basis. But leaving that aside. Come on, this is annoying. You ask her to

This is NOT A FACE that would make me inclined to feel better.

This is NOT A FACE that would make me inclined to feel better.

do literally a single thing for you. You have probably been running all day and getting errands done and working or whatever. She makes fun of you about the store you buy your clothes from (I actually like that bit between them, I think it is cute banter) and she heads off. And then not only does she not get your dress, leaving you to have to find some way to navigate the mall again tomorrow, which let’s face it, is always a fucking nightmare, but she doesn’t even remember. She sits down like you sent her off to wander and now she’s back. Dude, I would be SO ANNOYED.

There are arguments to be made that Joyce should maybe realize that Buffy is the Slayer, although I am never clear on what that means. Like the concept of Slayer does not seem to be a concept widely known in this world either so it’s not like something that she might secretly suspect. Certainly she should know that something is up. And the thing is that I think she does. I think she is very afraid about what might be up and where she might be failing and has all sorts of nighmarish possibilities running through her head. I think she feels overwhelmed and frightened that something terrible will happen and that she does not always cope with that in ideal ways, but one of the reasons I love Joyce is that she seems believably flawed. She does fuck up but I think it is always apparent how fiercely she loves her daughter. I grew up wishing my mother was more like Joyce.

In fact, I think in some ways I connected particularly to Joyce as a television mother because she was so flawed and because there were things that Buffy hid from her consistently. Like even at their best, there were always struggles in their relationship and that made it seem like one that maybe could be attained to me. I never understood these extremely and overwhelmingly loving mother/daughter relationships. Those seemed certainly fictional. Joyce’s flaws made her seem possible to me.

I'm so tired of seeing this pose. Siiiigh.

I’m so tired of seeing this pose. Siiiigh.

ANYWAY. Moving on. Xander and Cordelia, I just… whatever. I hate this aspect of this relationship right now. I like them better when they actually start dating but this whole “I hate you and yet I can’t stop being attracted to you” is something that makes no functional sense in my brain and seems more ridiculous to me the older I get.

I wanted to say about the eggs that almost all of my friends had to do parenting class type things. However, they did not do them with eggs. I didn’t know anyone who did them with eggs. Which makes sense because what sort of insane scheme is that? How can you tell that they didn’t just replace it with a different egg? No, all of my friends got those robotic babies that have to be “fed” and changed and rocked and stuff or they cry. And cry, and cry and cry. If they left them they had to get a babysitter. I babysat one once. Also apparently if you “killed” your baby, you were reported to CPS and they put you on a list? I never looked into if that was true but I remember all of my friends buzzing about that as a thing. So yeah. Parenting definitely, chicken eggs definitely not.

This seems like the appropriate face to make at the egg.

This seems like the appropriate face to make at the egg.

I can’t imagine having much to say about the Gorches except that I like the name Tector. Like maybe for a dog. I kind-of feel like this episode is maybe trying to come up with some kind of unhealthy family dynamic theme sometimes? The Gorches, Buffy’s conflict with her mother, the idea of “mommy bezoar,” etc. but either I’m imagining that or they totally failed to pull it together.

Back to Joyce! I love it when Buffy gets up all worn out in the morning and Joyce teases her about her egg parenting. I find that entire exchange amusing and charming. I love their dynamic generally.

Again, Xander hard boiling the egg is confusing. Can they tell the egg is his? If yes, then how and also they would know he boiled it. If no, then what difference does any of this make and why bother to boil it? It is a puzzle.

This scene creeped me out a lot as a kid. And creeps me out now as an adult in an episode with so much subtext about babies.

This scene creeped me out a lot as a kid. And creeps me out now as an adult in an episode with so much subtext about babies.

Finding out Angel can’t have babies is one of those things to me. Like, as Joelle implied, vampires really SHOULDN’T be able to get erections. But if they can somehow magically do that, do they also have orgasms? Just no sperm? There are vampire mythologies where they can have kids with humans so it shouldn’t just be assumed she would know that. On a side note, the only person I have ever read deeply considering vampire erections was I think Anne Rice? I feel like it was her who determined that they could but only after having recently fed because of the need for blood. Which I suppose makes as much sense as anything else.

Also, of course Buffy is not thinking a lot about the future, Angel. She is 16 years old. That’s how being 16 years old works.

I agree that when you finally see the creature thing, it isn’t that scary. However, I do think when it is scurrying around her room in half seen and sort-of spider-like ways it is pretty creepy. The idea of something giant jumping down on you from your ceiling, for example, is fairly creepy. It’s just something that falls apart a little when the special effects are needed.

And again back to Joyce. I think that her response to Buffy is… perfectly reasonable here. Assuming

This is a woman who is so fucking over it.

This is a woman who is so fucking over it.

Normal Again is not cannon at this point (which, as Joelle has pointed out, it seems safe to assume), Joyce has come from a place where her daughter got in a tremendous amount of trouble. She was sneaking out, she was fighting, she was hanging out with bad people. While drugs are never mentioned, I feel like that is the sort of thing that Joyce is very frightened of, and frankly that is understandable. And here she walks into her room at almost 3 in the morning, the window is wide open, her daughter is fully dressed and just got off the phone with someone and her excuse is very clearly a lie. It would seem completely irresponsible parenting to not be terrified at this point. Also she just woke up herself. Grounding her seems… extremely reasonable.

I love Buffy so much but like... this is a face you would need to vent to someone about sometimes.

I love Buffy so much but like… this is a face you would need to vent to someone about sometimes.

Also when she comes into the library and vents to Giles… I don’t think it’s fair to say she yells at Giles. She comes in and is upset with her daughter and apologizes for sounding frustrated with him. She’s pretty reasonable. She’s just at her wit’s end. What is she going to do? Her daughter isn’t listening and the terrifying thing about being a parent of a teenager is that they don’t have to. And once they realize that… you could very well be screwed. Parenting a teenager is so stressful, even if your daughter is not the Slayer, or like generally a troubled kid or whatever. We read a really fascinating study in one of my classes showing that parents of teenagers actually tend to have higher levels of stress and anxiety than their children do during that time. They have high levels of marital problems, depression, etc. Also, they often feel much more negative about how they’re doing and their relationship with their children than the children themselves do. The kids will tend to get in a huge fight, scream that they hate them and then move past it but the parents do not bounce back so quickly. Anyway. The point is that I feel that Joyce is under a lot of stress and I really hope she has friends she can talk to about it. She doesn’t seem to have a good support system.

But of course in the meantime, she will be taken over by a creepy bug thing. And will hack at cement with a shovel. I mean, you know. You’ll notice I really have skipped all the plot because I can’t imagine the point of going over it twice. I think it is funny that the bezoar eggs look just like chicken eggs. I too would like to know how the teacher got the eggs. Was he already possessed? I wonder what a bezoar would get out of eating a vampire. Wouldn’t it just turn into dust? Seems very unsatisfying.

Finally as they are all out, in the final Joyce scene… yes, I will defend her here too. I think that this is not perfect but goddamn. I imagine most of them are disoriented and probably sore and maybe with headaches? I have no idea what the reaction to neural clamping is but it doesn’t sound pleasant. None of them look in great shape though. I think it is hilarious that there are no ambulances anywhere. Anyway, none of that seems likely to put her in a better mood. And her first response was relief that Buffy was okay. That was absolutely her first response. And then once she realized she was and that in fact she had just once again (as far as she knows) ignored what she directly ordered her to do in order to do what she felt like doing, she makes another attempt to restrain her.

This has nothing to do with anything but WHY would Willow wear this shirt today?

This has nothing to do with anything but WHY would Willow wear this shirt today?

I mean, I think we all know this won’t end well. Eventually, in the end of this season, Buffy will freak out and run away. Their relationship is going to be weird for a while. But I think ultimately they end up with something pretty great and I personally like how it all shakes out. And right now, Joyce seems like a good mom who is overwhelmed and trying her hardest to figure out what to do and how to protect her daughter, while being secretly deeply terrified that maybe she can’t. And I love her. Even if this episode is dumb.

So. There is my first, but almost certainly not my last, defense of Joyce. 😛

The most fond I have probably ever been of these two.

The most fond I have probably ever been of these two.

In an absolute final note, I was so in love with the last scene in this episode as a kid because you have no idea how many times I made out with my boyfriend at my window (who was only 4 years older than me, not 200) and my relationship with him was one of the reasons I felt a deep kinship with Buffy.


Bad Eggs

This episode is…a thing that happens. It’s just one of those episodes that IS. I watch it, and ones like it, these days without much feeling or interest. It’s a creepy concept, but ends up being one of those throwaway episodes that BtVS occasionally produces. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Just a warning: among many things, Joyce annoys me a lot in this episode. So if you’re a fan of Joyce…WHY. Just kidding. Sort of.

It opens with Buffy and Joyce shopping in the mall, arguing about an outfit Joyce won’t let Buffy get because it makes her look like “a street walker.” Um, Joyce, I know you’re away from home a lot, but not infrequently your daughter is dressed weird as hell / in see-through shirts / in dresses shorter than her jackets. So this is a weird argument to suddenly be having. Weird, but it’s nice to see a semi-normal interaction between Buffy and her mom…so naturally, it’s ruined by the appearance of a vampire, which Buffy senses and follows instead of picking up her mom’s dry cleaning.

The vamp in question is about to munch on an astonishingly unsuspecting girl. Seriously, Buffy practically has to pick up the vampire and hit her with it to get her to finally notice. And man, I’m not feeling this vamp or his brother

This girl missed a major lesson about Stranger Danger.

(the Gorches) in this episode. I just moved to the south after being very much a northern lady my whole life, so I’m pretty burnt out on cowboy hats, honestly. Plus these two are just boring.

After a quick fight, the vampire conveniently mentions his brother and escapes, and Buffy seems extremely willing to let him go and not chase after him. It’s probably because of the hat. Buffy goes to meet Joyce in the food court, forgetting about her dry cleaning. So Joyce gives her a mini-lecture on not being so selfish, and Buffy jokes that she saves the world from vampires. Incidentally, this is another moment where Joyce could and would have flipped, if “Normal Again” really happened. But I digress.

We cut to Xander and Cordelia making out in a closet. It’s Xander and Cordelia, so making out implies a ton of bickering. This leads into a weird sex ed biology lesson scene, wherein the students are all given eggs to take care of like babies. A side note: this ALWAYS happens on TV shows, but I was never given such a task in high school and always felt cheated. Seems like such an easy A.

Buffy didn’t attend class for an unexplained reason. Surely telling Giles about Cowboy Vamp only took about three seconds?

This chain changes position a million times.

But anyway, Willow and Xander meet her in the library to deliver her egg and let her know she’s a single egg mother. The editing in this scene has always driven me nuts, since the chain thingy around Buffy’s egg keeps changing position between cuts. Anyway, Giles reveals that the new vampires in town are the Gorch brothers, who are very stupid, and that even though they’re stupid, Buffy should patrol for them. I mean. I guess she should. Zzzzz.

In the next scene, Buffy and Angel are making out in a cemetery instead of hunting, and the camera pans out to show the Gorch brothers spying on them from a nearby tree, which is not at all creepy. They also recognize Angel, which is a little bizarre and never explained beyond this. I’m not really complaining about it. The Gorches are really boring and I don’t want to write about them any more.


Back at Buffy’s house, she goes to bed after making sure she fed, burped, and changed her egg. She didn’t do any of those things because it’s impossible. Also, she should probably refrigerate her egg. I feel that if more students in Sunnydale refrigerated their eggs, hardly anyone would have become an unwitting host for a demon, but anyway. A creepy crawly thing cracks out of Buffy’s egg, crawls across her bed and goes into her ears and over her face. How the eggs do this but return to an intact state in the morning is another thing that’s never explained. Whatever.

The Gorches are in a sewer, arguing and fighting. Snooooore. I just don’t care about them at all.

Buffy wakes up with a bad egg parasite hangover, and we quickly find out that Willow seems to have an egg hangover too. Xander’s perky, though. Which is quickly partially explained by Xander dropping his egg, but not cracking it. He confesses that he boiled the egg. Again, fewer people in Sunnydale would become unwitting hosts if they boiled their eggs.

Briefly, we see there’s an egg hatching on the shelf Giles is placing books on. Which…what? How come Willow and Buffy’s eggs conveniently hatch at bedtime but this egg is hatching in the middle of the gdamn morning? Makes little sense. Cordelia arrives to kick up a fuss about their absent sex ed teacher, but really it’s just to lure Xander into a closet to make out. Giles is still harping on about Buffy killing the Gorches, which cuts to a new scene of Buffy and Angel making out in a cemetery. (Can you sense my disillusionment with this episode yet?)

In this scene, Buffy discovers that Angel can’t reproduce, so a nice romantic night of vamp hunting gets interrupted by a too-

“Honey, I’m infertile.” “Bummer.”

real conversation between a 200-year-old vampire and his teenage girlfriend about the realities of infertility. What’s most interesting to me is that Angel starts by saying “I don’t…I mean, I can’t…” You don’t WHAT, Angel? Ejaculate? Do vampires ejaculate? This is not the first time I’ve thought about the practicalities of vampire erections, nor will it be the last.

And look, I know there are deeper themes in this episode then “campy egg demons create mayhem.” The lesson about sex in the beginning, the lustful problems Xander and Cordelia are having, the way Buffy and Angel keep making out instead of hunting and this conversation between them about the future: I get that this episode is about giving into your passions and how that can sometimes be a bad thing, like if you completely lose control to an egg demon. I get the connection, I just don’t think the egg demon plot is very interesting or compelling. That’s why I’m joking throughout this review. It’s my way to cope with the campy egg demon, okay?

Anyway, Angel offers to hunt for the Gorches so Buffy can go home early, after more making out. Meanwhile, a janitor at Sunnydale High wanders into the unlocked basement, which is generally never a good idea at Sunnydale High. The lights don’t work, which is also not good. The janitor discovers a giant tunnel in the wall. Missing Teacher guy (who I know has a name, but I keep missing it) appears behind him and knocks him into the tunnel.


As Buffy arrives back into her room through the window, her egg is hatching. She fights the thing that comes out of it, which looks half like a human hand, half like a rubbery scorpion. Not a good look. She stabs it with a huge pair of scissors, then immediately calls Willow to see if her egg is normal. Willow assures her that all is well, but when they hang up, we see that her egg is open and Willow’s staring lifelessly into space. Buffy doesn’t call Xander or Giles or anyone else because Willow is her favorite. Also because Willow suggests it’s a trap planted by the Gorch brothers, which makes less sense than if she had said nothing. How would the Gorch brothers know about this assignment, get in contact with the teacher’s egg supply, etc etc etc? Host Willow is dumb.

Joyce comes into Buffy’s bedroom, having heard her on the phone with Willow. A dramatic fight with an egg demon is

Shut up, Joyce.

apparently quieter than a short conversation. Anyway. I’m so over Joyce not knowing that Buffy’s the Slayer. Joyce grounds Buffy “for the rest of her natural life” which seems to be a slight exaggeration to a late phone call and Buffy not being in her pajamas at the right time.

At school, Cordelia’s wearing a completely weird bear backpack that she defends way too passionately. Buffy asks her about her egg and she confirms that no, nothing’s weird about it. Actually what she says is, “It’s an egg, it doesn’t emote,” which is a great line. Willow, Cordy and Buffy talk eggs and Willow offers to help with the autopsy of the creature Buffy brought with her. The camera shows us that one of the egg demons is attached to Willow’s lower back as they walk along.

Ew again.

Nearby, Xander decides to eat his hard boiled egg, which seems to be a really dumb idea even if you don’t know it’s actually a demon because he’s been carrying it around a LOT and it’s probably no longer good to eat. Right as he’s about to bite it, he sees the gross thing inside and freaks.

In the science lab, Cordelia’s egg demon comes out of her bear, unbeknownst to our heroes. Again with the random time thing. It’s pretty amazing that THIS is the bezoar’s master plan. It seems like it worked only out of sheer luck.

SOMETHING needed to get rid of this backpack. Thanks, bezoar baby.

Anyway, Willow says something about how the offspring just want to return to the mother bezoar, Cordy keels over for a minute, and both Willow and Cordy then attack Buffy and Xander and drag them into a closet, before going down to the basement with some other hosts to dig in the tunnel we previously saw.

Joyce arrives at the library to pick up Buffy (which means, Jesus, she and Xander have been unconscious for upwards of 8-10 hours, assuming they went to the science lab straightaway in the morning? They need a hospital). She finds Giles and bitches at him. Agh, shut up, Joyce. Giles shuts her up by putting an egg demon on her, thank goodness. They go down to the basement too, with like ten other people. HOW is the bezoar so good at this? In the basement, they’re all harvesting eggs from the goopy mama bezoar underneath the floor.

Buffy and Xander wake up (finally, probably with brain damage) to discover two eggs in the closet with them. They go to the

They look concussed to me.

library, where Giles helpfully left the bezoar book open to the right page. In the hallway, Jonathan is attacked by an egg demon. Poor Jonathan. They follow him into the basement and through the big tunnel.

Xander stays while Buffy goes to get “a big weapon” which is just..the worst idea. Come on, Buff, Xander’s useless. Also, she grabs the first thing she sees in the basement–some type of ax–and like, there were only about a hundred axes where she was. She runs into the Gorches and they fight. YAWN. They fall through the tunnel and then Buffy and the Gorches are fighting all the people controlled by the bezoar.

Xander’s master plan is to follow Cordelia and punch her. Look, I don’t know what his plan means. Meanwhile, Tector Gorch is…eaten or something by the bezoar. Buffy then gets sucked into the bezoar’s…hole thingy, where she kills it off-camera. I mean, this whole episode and we don’t even get a climactic fight? DOUBLE YAWN. The egg demons fall off their hosts and everyone goes to sleep. Gorch brother #2 runs away after Buffy climbs out of the hole, freaked out by how easily she killed the bezoar.

lub you giles ❤

I adore the cover story they use, though, with absolutely no sarcasm. Giles blearily tells everyone coming out of the basement that it was a gas leak. “These gas things will happen.” Then he immediately asks Xander, “What was it, really?” Love you, Giles. Never change. Of course, everyone falls for it because weirder things have been covered up with less of an explanation in Sunnydale, I’m sure.

Joyce immediately yells at Buffy. Ughhhh. Like you couldn’t cut her some slack, given that there was a gas leak that knocked out dozens of people, including Joyce? Whatever, lady. She tells Buffy that she’s confined to her bedroom forever. What?

This shot is disturbing: Buffy, her MUCH older boyfriend, and her stuffed animals. A good grouping.

Episode ends with Buffy and Angel loudly and grossly kissing through her open window. Which is sweet, I guess. Aside from the volume of the thing.

Okay, done! “Bad Eggs” is what it is, in summation. It’s all part of the journey.

RE: Ted

This time, the delay in posts is totally my fault! I’m going to get two up today to try to make up for it.

This is how Ted makes me feel too, Buff.

Onto the episode! I find “Ted” one of the creepiest episodes of Buffy ever. I mean, up until Ted is revealed to be a robot. Not that the creation of Ted the Robot isn’t totally creepy and unnerving in and of itself, but trying to figure out what’s up with Ted–is he abusive? Crazy? Mind-controlling? Is he a wizard?–that’s what creeps me out in this episode. The notion of someone new coming into your life, ALL the way in, assimilating completely and winning over your loved ones and knowing that something is off, but not knowing what…that’s scary as hell!

While I like that Buffy’s intuitions, in this episode and in “Living Conditions,” are often spot on, I think I’d also like for her to be wrong sometimes. Maybe she is wrong sometimes and I’m not remembering correctly. I know that sometimes she gets an “off” vibe about people for the wrong reasons–Principal Wood in S7 comes to mind–but I don’t know. It’s sort of the opposite problem that the Harry Potter series has, where they ALWAYS think the villain is Snape/Malfoy and are ALWAYS wrong (except for a couple times they’re right). I’m undecided on this issue.

While Ted is certainly very manipulative without the drugs, I do think the drugs are necessary, particularly to win over Xander

Your friends are useless and blurry when they’re doped up on cookie and pizza drugs.

and Willow. It seems that as teenagers and Buffy’s allies, they would be harder to win over than Joyce. I’ve always wondered about the drugged food, though. Wouldn’t a tranquilizing type drug do more than just…make people complicit and happy and nice to Cordelia? Like, wouldn’t it possibly react differently depending on the person? Also, how would he have the dose right for every person? It doesn’t seem to matter HOW much people eat, either. Xander is munching on Ted cookies in nearly every scene and he doesn’t get extra lethargic or anything. It’s just a vague oversight that’s weird to me. Anyway.

Ugh, I’m totally over Jenny’s mood, the comment about Giles making her feel bad for not feeling better aside (because I do actually think that’s legitimate, as B said). I just don’t think she has any room as a Romani spy to judge others for their mortal danger or their concern about her.

I love them except for their obnoxiously loud smacking. They always kiss each other in surround sound. Stop it.

I also really enjoy Buffy and Angel in the scene where she’s complaining about Ted. Again, this is one of the things I really like about their relationship, because I think Angel supports her more on this level than her future boyfriends, even though he arguably has the least in common with her at this stage in her life. He tries, he puts herself in her place, he’s patient and understanding and empathetic. He wants to know about her life, as different as it is from his own. I chuckle when I think about him saying just once, “Okay, continue talking about your mom’s new boyfriend, or we could talk about MY TORTURED SOUL.” He doesn’t do that, though. He doesn’t invalidate her feelings, even when he’s immature and they argue. I dunno, y’all, I’ve got Bangel feels to the fullest rn.

The golf scene. THE GOLF SCENE. Ughhh, creepiest part of the episode, IMO. (Also, as a side note, love Buffy’s shirt. Would buy.) Ted’s side comment about her grades, his aggressive cheerfulness, and of course his freak-out and the way he hits his leg with the golf club and threatens Buffy–then immediately flips a switch back to aggressive cheerfulness and cookie delivery man–SO unnerving. Ughh. John Ritter really was exceptional in this episode.

ughhhh, the creeps. But dat shirt doe.

I think there are flaws in Ted’s design, because he is, after all, man-made. It still tickles me to imagine a robot holding down a call center job and going to art galleries. But anyway, I think him attacking Buffy is more…well, he’s basically programmed to “get wife, bring wife back to basement forever.” So his master plan, if a robot can have such a thing, is probably to kill Buffy (and/or anyone else who stands in his way). I think he behaves sloppily because, well, he’s a machine.

I enjoy Buffy kicking his ass, until she thinks she kills him. That’s a bummer. But seriously, that guy needed to get punched.

Here would be a perfect time for Joyce to say, “MENTAL INSTITUTION” if Normal Again had ever actually happened. OK I’ll stop now.

I want to bring up a point that B didn’t touch on, and it’s something I think a LOT about on re-watches. In the Season 6 episode “Normal Again,” we discover that after slaying her first vampire, Buffy told her parents about it and they admitted her to a psych ward. Now, I have my doubts that this actually happened. It always felt a little…sloppy to me, something the writers threw in there for an interesting episode without much thought about consistency throughout the series. For one thing, when Buffy does tell her mother (which is coming up soon!) that she’s a vampire slayer, there’s no mention of the past event. There are other inconsistencies as well.

But let’s assume, as I think we kind of have to, that this actually had happened. It puts Buffy’s actions into clearer perspective. She’s afraid of coming across as crazy to her mom. She’s unable to fully trust that her perceptions will be taken seriously by Joyce. She doesn’t push the issue in fear that she’ll be rejected by her again. I mean, it’s really actually heartbreaking when viewed through that lens. Maybe, in some recess of her mind, she worries she might actually be crazy, so that when she’s the only one who perceives something, she doesn’t have a lot of confidence in it. It also makes sense that Ted’s threat in her bedroom (that he’ll show Joyce the diary and they’ll put Buffy in a mental institution) is a very REAL threat, and helps to push her over the edge into beating him up. Otherwise, couldn’t she just tell Joyce, “It’s fiction, it’s a novella”? The fact that she freaks at the thought of Ted taking her diary makes sense.

Obviously, again, I’m projecting the events of “Normal Again” onto this episode, as I doubt very much the writers had such an episode in mind while creating “Ted.” Still, it’s interesting to think about!

The Sunnydale police force at work again! First of all, lawyer up, Buffy! Or at least have your mom in the interrogation room, you’re a minor! Anyway, Buffy wears her depression overalls the next day to school, so you know she’s struggling with believing she killed a human. Her friends and Giles don’t help much, with their aghast and whatnot. I do think this is foreshadowing Buffy’s emotional response to the many deaths she is part of unwillingly–Angel’s, the mayor’s dude, etc.

Thoughtfully eating snap peas, never to mention Ted again.

Anyway, the episode gets wrapped up as neatly as such an episode can be. Except that the final conversation between Buffy and Joyce seems to imply Joyce never finds out that Ted was actually a robot. How could that be possible? How was his reemergence explained? Where did Buffy put the robot corpse immediately after destroying him? I mean, it doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s that good old Sunnydale denial kicking in again. I think finding out your boyfriend was a robot is way easier to handle than finding out your boyfriend was a zombie serial killer who disappeared without explanation and could conceivably appear again at any moment, but that’s just me.